Signature Drink Lab is a partnership between Cory Yates and his wife, Pege Yates, founder of Never Forgotten Designs (NFD) and the Show Me Sweets Cake, Cookie & Candy Convention in the Midwest. Signature Drink Lab started in 2018 after years of experimenting with home brewing, coffee making, cocktail sipping and trips to Napa for the good stuff. With Cory's extensive love of spirits and brews, coupled with Pege's love for making things that have that extra wow factor, Signature Drink Lab was created. Signature Drink Lab has filled a niche for fun, wow factor that can be safely added to drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. All recipes and products have been tested for real drinkers, both at big events or just a fun evening on the back deck. Signature Drink Lab aims to bring you recipes that add unique flavors, occasional food grade glitter, themed rim sprinkles and other small details to give your drinking experience a customized WOW FACTOR! 

Pege Yates, Owner
Pege grew up in an international coffee and tea factory where both her grand-mother and aunt worked. Taking her first job flavoring teas and adding edible details for companies such as Walt Disney World, Macy's, Saks she began to learn all the possibilities that extracts, specialty ingredients and marketing could create. Diving into the world of confections, sugar art and co-founding the Show Me Sweets Cake and Candy Convention, she shows a lot about what brings flavors and that extra wow factor to drinks of all sorts!

Cory Yates, Owner
Cory, began his career in the United States Coast Guard and began home brewing in his early twenties to learn more about beer. After years of testing recipes and becoming a true drink enthusiast. He was determine to learn all about spirits, from the ingredients to the final presentation and pairing for a more rounded entertaining and dining experience.


Signature Drink Lab (SDL)
St. Louis, MO 63129

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