Kosher Information

Signature Drink Lab is happy to share that the following products are Kosher Certified from Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis - OV:

Flash Dust© By NFD (All Colors)

Shimmer Glitter Dust© By Signature Drink Lab Certification Letter.

Shimmer Glitter Dust is registered with Digital Kosher and you can find all letters, certifications in that system for your records:

K-ID: GXG-KWWS Original Flash Dust

K-ID: VCG-NZCF Golden Custard Flash Dust

K-ID: HVP-DPSG Berry Blue Flash Dust

K-ID: LCD-NPQF Mint Flash Dust

K-ID: FSV-VKKG Lavender Flash Dust

K-ID: WFG-NNJL Berry Pink Flash Dust

K-ID: WVW-SFTL Watermelon Flash Dust

K-ID: VFR-NVHH Shimmer Glitter Beverage Dust

K-ID: TRZ-TSFS Vanilla A'Peels

K-ID: SRP-TDJQ Silver Shimmer Dust

K-ID: GCK-BCBN Edible Snow Flakes

K-ID: ZGC-TJTV Edible Sparkle Snow Flakes

K-ID: GVS-XDVN Mini Ice Cubes

K-ID: ZVS-QGPL Regular Size Ice Cubes