Is the Dust & Glitter food grade for our cocktails, coffee drinks and other beverages?

YES! Signature Drink Lab carries only the highest quality beverage glitters on the market that are made with Mica Based Pearlescents and NOT PLASTIC OR METALS. All the products we carry are created in regulated facility that adheres to the FDA Code for glitter dust and sprinkles for beverages. We vet all of our vendors and even have created our own line of of drink glitters for a more natural approach!

Why Signature Drink Lab?

Signature Drink Lab operates out of a FDA inspected food manufacturing facility. In addition, we have our products kosher certified. There are many well known glitter providers selling online that are NOT inspected. Please ask for spec sheets and verify Kosher Certifications before you purchase from a non-inspected vendor.

Is it safe to use Glitter for our cocktails, coffee drinks and other beverages?

The FDA Code 21CFR73.350 clearly outlines the requirements for adding sparkle to your beverages.  Each application is different, but these are hard rules to follow:

In amounts up to 0.07 percent, by weight, in the following:

(A)Distilled spirits containing not less than 18 percent and not more than 25 percent alcohol by volume.

(B) Cordials, liqueurs, flavored alcoholic malt beverages, wine coolers, & cocktails.

(C) Non-alcoholic cocktail mixes and mixers, such as margarita mix, Bloody Mary mix, and daiquiri mix, but excluding eggnog, tonic water, and beverages that are typically consumed without added alcohol (e.g., fruit juices, fruit juice drinks, and soft drinks).

How much should I use?

On Average, UP TO 0.7g PER 1000g (1/4 tsp for 1 L).


Glitter dust can be added to beverages by adding a couple pinches from the jar shaker jars directly to your drink and stirring a little.


We recommend adding dust to the cocktail syrup mixes, juices, liqueurs or spirits that you will be using to create your alcoholic beverages. This will help avoid spilling the dust on the bar while serving customers.


Sprinkle some in until you achieve the shimmering glitter effect you would like.

The specifications from the FDA: 0.07%.

I'm looking to add color and glitter to a keg, how much do you recommend?

Here at Signature Drink Lab we have some experience with beer brewing, kegging and how differently beverages are that contain carbonation. We recommend +/- 1.5 Grams per liter:

A Pony Key is 7.75 U.S. Gallons / 29.33 Liters = 45 Grams

A Regular Keg is 15.5 U.S. Gallons 58.67 Liters = 88 Grams

We sell a variety of beer glitters and shimmer that are sold in 25 Gram Containers available online to order. We also carry 8 oz. Containers and by the pound for larger applications which are special order. Please contact us for more information.

Can I get a sample?

While we can not send free samples, we do carry small sizes that are just enough for a a few drinks! Just select the 0.5 Gram Size on the Drink Glitter Dust Page! If you are looking for larger application, contact us to discuss.