Cotton Candy Hot Chocolate Drink Bombs
Cotton Candy Hot Chocolate Drink Bombs
Cotton Candy Hot Chocolate Drink Bombs
Cotton Candy Hot Chocolate Drink Bombs
Cotton Candy Hot Chocolate Drink Bombs
Cotton Candy Hot Chocolate Drink Bombs

Cotton Candy Hot Chocolate Drink Bombs

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Cotton Candy Hot Chocolate Drink Bombs Great for Christmas & Frozen Parties! Take these glittering white cotton candy clouds of sugar-free cotton candy to your hot water or milk for INSTANT HOT CHOCOLATE!

Put date needed in order notes, we will ship close to date with UPS to ensure delivery. Last chance shipping is Dec. 16th for Christmas! Made in a FDA Registered Food Manufacturing Facility!

Our Cotton Candy Hot Chocolate Drink Bombs use ONLY Food-Grade Glitter Dust that is VEGAN, RESPONSIBLY SOURCED and KOSHER CERTIFIED by Signature Drink Lab™, a FDA Inspected Food Manufacturer specializing in drinkable wow factor!

Put in glass before pouring beverage or place in once your beverage is poured.... gather the group around and start pouring the drinks one by one!

Come in individually packaged containers with safety seal or in a bulk container of 12 to add to a 4-6 Oz. warm mug of hot water or milk. Made fresh for your event, please LET US KNOW YOUR EVENT DATE SO WE CAN SHIP RIGHT IN TIME!

Tub/Container w/Cotton Candy Inside **Great for Gifting**
Bulk Party Tray: Plastic Tray - Similar to Cupcake Tray of 1 Dozen, Great for Parties


Season item best cool months when the heat is turned on so the humidity is low. These cotton candy bombs can stay goood for weeks in low humidity at room temperature. If you live in the tropics…. Check out our hard candy drink drops:-)

*****IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFO****************
The following is recommendations, if you know your area is HOT and HUMID, choose an insulated cooler and fast shipping to ensure it does not arrive melted:

LATE SPRING/SUMMER/EARLY FALL SHIPPING: Please note that cotton candy, humidity and heat during transit do not mix well. June through September Express Overnight Shipping is mandatory and the only way to checkout which comes with an insulted cooler and gel packs. ALL ORDERS MAY - OCTOBER INCLUDE INSULATED COOLER SHIPPING & COLD PACKS WITH 1-2 DAY MAIL. READ ABOUT IT HERE: Add this here:

EARLY SPRING / LATE FALL we recommend picking EXPRESS MAIL SHIPPING or PRIORITY MAIL and our "COLD SHIPMENT PACKAGE" which includes frozen gel packs. Add this here:

WINTER (Late November through March): Priority Mail with a 2 Day Service should be fine without an insulated cooler. This option will only show up once Halloween comes. If you live in a hot / humid climate please always select the Cold Shipment Package because when your shipment arrives to your delivery driver, it may sit in a hot vehicle during delivery.

St. Louis Area Local Pickup available!

Cost can be considered based on how many you are ordering, contact us to discuss large orders.


Sugar Art Supply™ & Signature Drink Lab™ are Never Forgotten Designs™ (NFD) companies, all rights reserved. NFD operates out of St. Louis and registered with the FDA, inspected by both federal, state and local authorities and registered Kosher.